With Víctor Pérez, Oro Blanco, Chincha, Peru 2009

Visit with Carlos Manuel González, Fatelares, in Uramita, Colombia 2010

Ginning plant of Uramita, Colombia 2010

Alfonso Lizárraga, Textile Exchange, Santa Marta, Colombia 2011

Visiting Coagrocor, Cereté, Colombia 2011

With President Juan Manuel Santos, Berlin 2011

Updating La Siesta team, Jugenheim, Germany 2012

With Jorge Eliécer Quintero, Agricaribe, Valledupar, Colombia 2011

Ruth Zabala in her composting plant Gaicashi, Ibagué, Colombia 2015

With Maysa Gadelha of CoopNatural, Paraíba, Brazil 2011

Valledupar, Colombia 2012

With Colombian Team at BioFach, Nürnberg, Germany 2013

Visiting PTP organic cotton cropping tests with Jens Soth, Helvetas, Alvarado, Colombia 2013

Presenting PLOAC organic cotton project to Conalgodón, Bogotá, Colombia 2014

Meeting Major of Natagaima, Colombia 2014

Meeting at SENA, Espinal, Colombia 2014

Miguel Brigard shows nodules oft leguminous roots which lead to nitrogen enrichment of the soil, Espinal, Colombia 2014

Effects of leguminous plantations on loosening the ground, Espinal, Colombia 2014

Presentation at the secretariat of agriculture of Tolima, Ibagué, Colombia 2014

With Sebastian Sunderhaus (GIZ) and Jorge Escobar (CEO) at Ecohilandes, Medellín, Colombia 2015

First seedlings of PLAOC organic cotton project, Espinal, Colombia 2015

Weeding team PLAOC organic cotton project, Espinal, Colombia 2015

Weeding at PLAOC organic cotton project, El Guamo, Colombia 2015

Pedro Eduardo Fontal and SENA apprentices at experimental organic cotton field, Espinal Colombia

Jens Soth, Helvetas, lecturing farmers in Espinal, Colombia 2015

At ginning plant Fibras del Interior, El Guamo, Colombia 2015

Meeting with Arhuaco Leader José Luis Rosado and Vandana Chiva, Medellín, Colombia 2015

Inspecting organic cotton field, Natagaima, Colombia 2015

Vititing Audience at Día de Campo (field day), Espinal, Colombia 2015

With Silvio Moraes, Textile Exchange, and Fabio Aquino, Embrapa Algodão, in front of natural cotton Mocó bush, Barbalha, Ceará, Brazil 2016

With Frab´ncisca Vieira, Natural Cotton Color, Jao Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil 2016

First La Siesta GOTS certified hammock made 100% of Colombian organic cotton, 2016

Meeting at Esplar, Fortaleza, Cearé, Brazil 2016

Manuel Siqueira de Melo (Lino), ADEC, explaining his organic stripe plantations, Tauá, Ceará, Brazil 2016

Group photo Día de Campo (field day), El Guamo, Colombia 2015