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SOCiLA services

Services SOCiLA provides include

  • analysing potentials of organic cotton cropping in selected areas,
  • surveys and expert opinion on existing projects,
  • partnering farming with manufacturing and marketing initiatives,
  • drafting tender documents for financial and know-how support for organic cotton cropping projects,
  • organizing conferences and workshops,
  • lobbying potential investors, particularly multinational textile brands, to participate in Latin American organic cotton cropping and organic cotton products manufacturing initiatives,
  • organizing the assistance of Latin American partners to international conferences and fairs and accompanying them during the fair with translation services.

We have already been active in the organic cotton scene in Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Honduras, and advocate for further exchange of experiences between these and other Latin American countries.

Whenever possible, we provide our services free of charges. They are normally carried out by Alexander Grisar. However, we are also well equipped for lumping together service teams.